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We are Keri and Grace Tibbets, a mother and daughter who love learning and teaching, and most of all, helping children fall in love with learning. Foundational to all we have learned are the original writings of Charlotte Mason. Keri is a homeschooler, a private school teacher, and private math tutor, with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology from Utah State University.

Grace grew up with a classical education, has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Boise State University and is now teaching for a private school and teaching private math lessons and classes.

We currently offer local private math lessons, local Euclid classes, and summer reading programs and activities for students of all ages. Beginning this September we are offering an "Art of Educating" course for both parents and teachers interested in learning to harness their students' natural curiosity for the pursuit of their own classical education.

We believe that if given the proper atmosphere and instruction, this intellectual and moral nourishing is possible for all students, and not reserved for that rare and natural-born scholar. 

Real Education is an educational resource providing teachers, parents, and mentors with tools for effective, lasting, and meaningful educating. Our main concern is with the devastating and almost complete elimination of education from today’s schools. Our aim is to spread far and wide a clear understanding of what education is, how to facilitate it, and how to bring it back into your classroom or homeschool. 

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Educational philosophy classes & training for adults, online only.
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- Education, which comes from the Latin word for "draw forth," occurs when truth and morality are drawn forth out of the individual, not poured in.

- Education is more about the development of the whole person than it is the accumulation of facts. It involves shifting of paradigms, refining of values, fine-tuning of perspectives, and an overall polishing of the person: heart, mind, body.

- The value of education lies in coming to know and be impacted by history, science, literature, and mathematics, rather than in simply knowing facts about them.

- For learning to occur, children must be allowed to first form a relationship with the different subjects through their stories, which leads to curiosity about their facts.

- Acquiring relevant and meaningful knowledge is satisfying in and of itself and requires no dressing up or sugar coating of any kind, so long as it is relatable.

- Aiming to connect with ideas, principles, and truth naturally renders more accomplishment than aiming to accomplish.

- Children learn through discovery from books and nature, not from lectures or tests.

- Knowledge is retained through impactful narrations, written and oral, and meaningful discussion, not through Q&A worksheets or quizzes, and only in proportion to the degree it is relatable. 

- The loss of love of learning is not due to requiring, but to ineffective requiring.Children learn to meet high standards by consistent daily practice and not by the use of external rewards or pressures.

- For every hour of study, children equally need an hour of good old-fashioned play with real children, real trees and real dirt.

- Intense abstract subjects like math and Latin are best understood in short, private one-on-one lessons.

- Children thrive in gradual, consistent, required study where they are accidentally and unbeknownst to themselves caught up in the love of the subject, free of labels, levels, prizes, points, and grades.

Let us help you bring these philosiphies to life in your own home or school. Learn more in our 16 week Art of Educating Course available now! 

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